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Help me make Christmas magical for Homeless Kids

Hey Everyone 🙂 I decided to do a lottery where all the money collected will be used for a non-profit organization that will help homeless children receive gift for Christmas. You simply have to buy one or many tickets by completing the form below to enter the raffle and have a chance to win one of the 6 prizes.

Thank you everyone for your support, the lottery is now closed and the random is happening. Winners will be contacted shortly and you can expect to see some communication regarding the whole event on my socials. Merry Christmas to all.

Which non profit organization will receive the money?

You can find all the details about them following this link:

How are the prizes decided?

Through a random draw the 24th of December. If you win you will get contacted in the 72h following through the email provided in the form.

What are the prizes?

1st place will gain a free tattoo which can be any of the flash I post on my Instagram up to 4 inches in size.

2nd and 3rd place will gain each a hand made Ghibli necklace, you can see the different options in the shop

4th to 6th place will each receive a signed print of one of my designs

Can I buy multiple tickets?

Absolutely and doing so will increase your chance of winning a prize since your name will appear on multiple tickets during the random draw.