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I want to book a tattoo with you, what should i do?

If I am currently open for booking, simply go the booking page of my website, and fill the form. I will get back to you in less than 72 hours. Do not hesitate to precise the placement, size, black grey or color, and share to reference image 😊

How Much will the tattoo cost?

I charge by the hour with a rate of 500$ with drawing and taxes included. My minimum rate is 1 hour, and I always provide an estimation time before finalizing any booking.

Where will the tattoo take place?

I am based at the Black Serum Studio in San Francisco. Also, I keep travelling regularly so maybe you’ll be able to catch me somewhere else. Follow my Instagram to know the latest details.

How the booking process works once i filled the form?

• I will get back to you, via the email you provided in under 72 hours.
• If I have enough information, I will directly propose a time estimate for your tattoo and possible appointment date for it.
• If I feel I need more details on the project, I will simply ask them 🙂
• Once we agree on a date, I will send a confirmation email that will require a deposit through Zelle (deductible from the final price) to confirm the booking. You can find the deposit policy here.
• Boom, booking secured!

What is your deposit policy?

You can find my official deposit policy here.

I am unsure of the size and placement, may you help me?

Of course, for the size I can always recommend a minimum size based on the project to ensure the visibility of the details and that the tattoo will age well. Also at the beginning of every session, I always print the design in multiple size so we can try it directly on your body to see what looks best both in term of size, placement, and orientation.

I can’t attend my appointment, what should I do?

First of all, warn me, so we can reschedule at another time, the earlier the better since this can mean your appointment will have to be pushed back months later based on the availability. Also, only one rescheduling is possible without having additional fees if you warned me at least 72 hours in advance, please refer to my deposit policy for the details.

What should I do if I want to change my design after a booking is made?

This is a case-by-case answer, it depends how early you asked, how different and time consuming the design end up being… Basically, if you ask for a design change after a booking is made, it may result in a rescheduling and potential additional fee.

I am pregnant and would like to get a tattoo, is it possible?

No, I will not tattoo you if you are pregnant or if you are in the period where you are feeding your child with breast milk. There is a risk, small yes but non-zero that something bad happens and I don’t want to take any chance so I’m sorry that is a categorical no.


Do you send a sketch of the design before the tattoo session?

Yes, I usually send it a week before the booked session if your project requires one.

Can we asked for change if the design does not suit exactly what we want?

Yes, you can request change, this is the main reason I do my best to send you the design in advance. However, I will only accept a maximum of two change requests. I would love to be able to fine-tune every single tattoo I do to ensure your complete satisfaction, but time is limited and therefore I cannot do that. Try to be thorough in the changes you want so we both end up happy in the end 😊

How should I prepare for the appointment?

• Do not forget to eat and drink well beforehand, and by drink no alcohol 😊
• Do not apply any type of moisturizing or numb cream before end
• No need to shave the tattoo area beforehand, if I think it is required, we’ll do it at the studio
• Do not hesitate to bring snacks and drinks for the session, especially for lengthy one
• Plan ahead so you can arrive on time

How long will the session last?

Add 30 minutes to the estimate time of your tattoo. These 30 minutes are used for the preparation phase and the close-up phase of the session.

May I bring you food?

Please do, I love food, as long as it is not coffee or does not contain ginger ^^

How do I access to the studio?

You may find all information and parking slot here 😊

How do I contact you when I arrive at the studio?

Simply ring the bell, and someone will come to open the door for you.

Are guests accepted?

It is not recommended but if you feel better to have someone accompany you it is tolerated. Your guest will only be able to assist at the preparation part of the session. Once we start tattooing, they will have to stay in the comfy guest area of the studio.

How will the appointment unfold?

• At the beginning of the session, we will check together the design, placement, orientation and size.
• Once we agree on what will be tattooed, we start the preparation phase, which consist in preparing the skin and apply the stencil.
• Let’s go 😊 tattoo time.
• After the tattoo is done, there is a moment to take some pictures and then discuss anything related to aftercare while we place the tattoo in its second skin.

What type of payment do you accept?

For the appointment, I prefer payment via cash directly. There is an ATM right next to the studio if required. However, if you are unable or super uncomfortable with this means of payment, I also accept Zelle or Paypal.


My session is done, what should I do to ensure the best healing?

• Keep the protective layer for 4 to 5 days. Exception: If some part of the protective layer goes away and some parts of the tattoo are in contact with the air, remove all of it immediately.
• Once the protective layer is removed clean vigorously with neutral pH soap (ideally also without perfume)
• Then, during the next 10 days, clean it 2 to 3 times a day and dry it. Do not moisturize it.
• It is possible that your tattoo will peel, do not scratch, or pull it.
• Once your skin is not peeling anymore, you can start moisturizing it once per day maximum with neutral and non-perfumed cream.

How long will it take for my tattoo to heal up?

It is very variable, it depends on a lot of parameters, like the design, the skin quality, how much care you take during the aftercare period… In general, the skin will be done peeling after a month, and it is where you can consider the first healing period done. However, a completely healed tattoo usually take a full year.

How long before I can expose my tattoo to the sun?

If you wish to keep the tattoo in the best condition for your whole life, ideally direct sunlight should be avoided. More realistically absolutely no sunlight until the first healing process is done which is around a month in general and then wear cloth on top of it.

How long before being able to do intensive sports again?

After the skin is done peeling, so around 4 weeks in general. And by intensive, I mean anything that will get you sweating profusely.

I feel like I need some touch-up, how should I proceed?

Send me a picture of the tattoo fully healed (~4 weeks after the appointment). We will then find a slot for you to come at the studio to do them. First session of touch-up is free of charge.

My tattoo is fully healed and it is amazing what should I do?

Show it to the world, spread the word, leave a comment on the black serum google and yelp. Also, I would love to see a picture of it fully healed. So don’t hesitate to send me a picture of it, around 4 weeks after the appointment.

If you did not find an answer to your question in the F.A.Q, you can always get in touch with me through this e-mail address: [email protected]