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Every project I do, is redrawn for the result to reflect a true research work. For me, a tattoo must remain beautiful twenty years from now and I keep myself updated on the latest modern technic to ensure I always offer the best I can.

My interest in Japan and its culture never faded, quite the contrary, growing strong, even after my career of manga tattoo artist well established, always driven by the search of more meanings, more links with others, less temporality and fashion. This process led me to invest myself in more traditional, manual, human, types of tattoos. The word “Tebori” rapidly came to mind. This tattoo discipline using technic and tools old of centuries. However, being neither a man nor Japanese, it is inconceivable for me to follow a formation like the famous Nippon master of this craft.

For those knowing me, they know those obstacles won’t stop me and I am not looking to inherit of anything, simply building my own path. After many months and hour of training, I am today able to offer a new type of tattoo, unique in the USA.

My quest is to pursue the perfect intemporal tattoo, thought to last a lifetime, and realised in the care of being more connected to this illustrious practice. In my opinion, technology made us lose the mystical part, and the introspective and personal experience linked to making a tattoo. Therefore, I use manual technic for filling the colors, white, or black, perfectly adapted for the best healing and result, but I keep using the machine for the lines to benefit from their precision and regularity to be as close as possible to perfection by bringing the best of both worlds.

In this context, my art will change to be more in adequation with the spirit I want to give my tattooing. Using theme of popular, recent and ancient culture with design adapted for technic inspired from the Tebori tradition.