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Next Flash Day, October, Friday 13

This Flash is beautiful, I want to get it, what should I do?

  • It’s simple, feel out the form below while choosing your time slot, pay the deposit through the secure Stripe payment and you are done.
  • Flash will be tattooed at the Black Serum Studio:
  • A non-refundable deposit of 50$ is required to secure the slot.
  • Flash referenced by a number are around 2 inches and cost 250$, the ones referenced by a letter around 3 inches and cost 350$. Of course your deposit is deductible from this price, so only 200$ or 300$ on the tattoo day to pay 🙂
  • Only one flash per booking, if you want multiple flash it is possible but you need to send separate form.
  • Colors can be changed, drawings cannot, arms & legs only for the flashes
Which flash would you like to book, each flash have a number for easy referencing
Price: $ 50.00