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Who I am

Born in Portugal and raised in France, I always have been more comfortable expressing myself with art than with words. 

But it took me detours before finding my way. Even today, I don’t consider myself a complete artist, and I work hard every day to prove to myself that I can become one of the best one day.

As a tattoo artist, I am in love with the linework. It is clean, pure. It has something very Manichean, unlike everything else in life. In general, I am an addict to the blackwork aesthetic, it takes us back to the roots of the drawing.

My influences are wide, but most of what I like is from Asia, and in particular from the Japanese popular culture. I am a nerdy grown-up kid from the 90’s, and it has followed me every step ever since.

And last but not least, the philosophy of tattoo that I try to follow :

  • A tattoo that will last in time
  • A tattoo that is as perfectly executed as possible
  • A tattoo balanced between the details and the overall look